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Don’t remain static in a dynamic world!
Technology trends are evolving at a rapid pace, and so is the change and progress in society. It’s bad enough that a robot replaces you on your lucrative career. But it is worse for you if don’t know how it happened!
VRDownlow cares to bring you the latest trends in technology, and the different ways they are revolutionizing, or just about to revolutionize the world. We tell you how AR uses your smartphone camera to wow you with a live view of your surroundings, or how VR immerses you with VR games and makes you believe it. We also tell you how AR and VR combine to become MR, or how AR, VR, and MR, become one in XR. Not just that! We dig deeper to bring the latest in AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) -just name it! We don’t stop their either but explore the different ways through which all these trending technologies work together to change the way we live, work, play, as well as their applications in different industries in our economies.

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